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Check the colors ... different colors have different fabric content ..
   Birdie Leigh
This is the paper filter you'll want to use with the Hario V60 01 or the Chemex 1-3 cup coffee makers. Very strong and reliable. Just pre-rinse it to make sure you don't get a paper taste before adding coffee grounds. These filters make the cleanest cup I've ever had.
   Megan Michele Sullivan
Great sound, great price.  1st copy had defect, but Amazon replaced in 2 days!  Nice combination of songs!
   Maya Tarnok
I got this as a gift for my almost 8 year old daughter and she loved it, fits perfect and loves the little extras it came with smile
   Jhoebeth Opiasa
Fits the pack and play perfectly.
   Zeth Amiel Cabildo
Nice to just wear for casual time.
   Donna Ormerod

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