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Nice heavy shorts. Not the thing cheaply made ones you find in the stores for this price. Have held up great to multiple wash and wears.
   Ellie Fenton Buxton
Adds no paper taste to the coffee... Just the right flow rate....EXCELLENT!!
   Andrew Brown
These shorts are just what I wanted.
   Samm J Villarini
Make sure you get the proper size.  I got my first order that were cheaper from another company and they ran a little tight for the size which mean they tore quickly.  I'm still on my first pair LOL!  These give you a fair amount of tactile feel and are flimsy enough that they will tear free in some applications.
   Damir Suton
I bought a few of Champion brand and a few of the Russel brand. These won without any doubt. The waist band provides an extra lining that the others seem to not have (in this price range). They fit better and the draw string design doesn't fail me where the other ones have.
   Emerson Emey Summers

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