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Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon 750.100.94.AB.SD.1NS watches for sale

So, Jacob & Co. best swiss replica watches What do we offer to people in everyday life? The Epic X series seems to meet the requirements. Although it is difficult to describe it as a sports watch, it absolutely exudes sportsmanship. The Epic X watch was designed by Benjamin Muller, a watchmaker at Jacob & Co. Before the recruitment, Muller's original Spyder series design elements were collected. No diamonds, no double triaxial flywheels or wall complications, the Epic X series is Jacob's response to everyday men's watches. Epic X Titanium adopts super bold, original 44 M 5 grade titanium metal case and hand-chopped hollow-out machine core. It has a strong sense of modernity in time and minutes. The overall impression is transparent and breathable, providing a unique view of the machine core. The Epic X watch case is made of 5-grade titanium alloy. It has a variety of finishes, light metals, and combines strength and corrosion resistance. The characteristic X pattern of the Epic X series extends from four points on the baffle to the lugs. Personally, X looks more like an armored leg of an insect crossing a case, but this may be an octopus mantra for me. No matter how you look at it, the appearance is confident, modern and masculine. Suitable for this kind of wrist watch, the case and the X-shaped ear are polished with satin and polished edges. With its 44 mm wide diameter and 12.3 mm shell height, the case provides a wide field of vision for movement - but it is still surprisingly comfortable to wear on the wrist.

The hollow dial of Epic X Black Titanium model is a model of hollow art in modern keys with impressive transparency. The ventilation and openness of the dial allow you to enjoy various parts of the manual chain-up Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon 750.100.94.AB.SD.1NS watch movement. It consists of 158 parts.


The replica swiss watches movement of the dial takes place in the central and left areas. The vertical alignment of the barrel and the pendulum is the first thing that attracts your attention. Fixed the mobile structure in place, sandblasted the bridge - actually an extension of the lugs - vertically across the core and hollowed out to ensure maximum viewing pleasure. On the right side of the bridge is a plaque inscribed with the series name, while the brand name is placed on the top of the bucket at 12 o'clock. Equipped with hollow clocks and minute needles, red paint tips, the only number is the white number on the minute track on the internal flange. Concepto (a respected manufacturer of machine cores) is dedicated to Jacob & Co. Manufactured, manual upper chord frame aperture (JCAM02) has an hourly and minute beat frequency of 28,800 VPH and a power reserve of 48 hours. The reverse side of the watch shows a black bridge, with the name of the watch and its creator Benjamin Muller engraved on the back of the case. Overall, the core's finishing and decoration are impressive. The bridge has a beautiful fuselage, bevels and polishing angles, and rubies embedded in shiny diamonds. Very pleasant! Another notable feature of Epic X is its original honeycomb rubber strap. The idea behind this strap is to use dynamic hexagonal piercing, which corresponds to the hollow pattern of the dial and provides comfort for the wearer. This strap is fastened by a titanium pin.

Jacob & Co. It is famous for its many iconic watch styles, such as the "five-time zone watch" which first appeared in 2002. Inspired by the jet lifestyle of many customers, this watch has four fixed time zones - New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris - the fifth dial is set in the wearer's position. Other noteworthy watches include "Quenttin", the first watches with 31-day power storage, seven main spring boxes and vertical side-mounted gyroscopic flywheel cages to eliminate the impact of gravity on accuracy, [13] and Ghost watches, a Swiss-made digital hand. The jacob & co watches uk has a pentagonal shape and can display up to 20 time zones.

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