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Cute little gloves.  Hope they fit my grand-daughter.  I bought them along with a garden tool bag and a watering can.  She wants to help her Dad in the yard.  So, I think she will like the colors and like having her own tools and gloves.
   Valery Pamela Villanueva Cuba
Great fit.  Good quality.  Good price.
   Shana van Heeren
comfortable shorts.
   Jean Paul Alfaro
Nice shirt s. They fit nice.
   Mariane Barboza
This pair of Champion Women's Jersey Shorts are very comfortable. I truly enjoy the summery feel. Thanks! I'll purchase from Champion Women's Activewear again.
   Alberto Burigo
So soft and a perfect fit. Colors are exactLy as shown. Wash and dry with no fading or shrinkage. Would buy again in a second
   Rosangela Paes

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