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Alberto Burigo
   Love these sheets! My husband has been asking for flannel sheets for winter months for several years, and I hate paying top dollar for junk sheet sets, let alone the fact that I don't want to sweat my way through the night in flannel.  ANYWAY  I was browsing Amazon and saw these for a low price so I thought I'd give them a try. They are nothing short of fantastic.  They are warm, but not hot.  They lie flat, they are soft and smooth, and they don't bunch. I just purchased additional sets for my kiddos' beds. Mom and wife of the year award. Boom.
Kookkik Kikkook
   Very soft and stretchy. Perfect for my purple mattress.
Rebecca Kate Shelswell
   This product has a very soft feel, much better quality than others I have ordered so I returned the others and ordered more of these for my husband. Feels just like a t shirt material. Easy to wash, doesn't matt in the dryer and unlike some of his other sleep pants, doesn't attract lent. I highly recommend this for men that get hot easily like my husband does. This is his favorite sleep pant! I ordered one in black and also in navy blue. Most likely getting him some more soon.
Jukka Rantanen
   Great shirt! Just as described. It maybe runs a hair small. Love mine!
Mirka Okošová Fusseková
   Wonderful silky feeling to the head and let's you sleep comfortably. Excellent product.

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